Beacon Hall’s Equity membership is capped at 260 members. That limited number is responsible for unrestricted tee access. New members purchase certificates from existing members with the pricing of Equity memberships primarily determined by the Selling member with pricing fluctuating according to the market. Rights and privileges include:

  • Unrestricted use of the course and facilities
  • Right to introduce family members as Associate members (with appropriate dues)
  • Right to host small groups and social functions

From its inception, Beacon Hall has been a family oriented club without the restrictions that can be a significant inconvenience. Spousal members enjoy the same open access to the first tee at all times.

  • Spouse of Equity member
  • Unrestricted use of the course and facilities

The Intermediate category continues the family theme and Beacon Hall’s commitment to the future. The pricing and range of age definitely showcases the clubs interest in cultivating the future.

  • Child of an Equity member or the spouse of a child of an Equity member who is an Intermediate member
  • 19 – 39 years of age
  • Unrestricted use of the course and facilities

Limited availability for 2017. The Sponsored Intermediate is another commitment to youth and the future of Beacon Hall. Beacon Hall has a very healthy and competitive environment for young people and this new offering will only add more to the already inviting culture.

  • Must be proposed by Equity member
  • 30 – 39 years of age
  • Child of an Equity member
  • 10 – 18 years of age

The Heritage Category was created to honour long-standing members who would like to slow down, but still remain affiliated with the club that they have supported and enjoyed for so many years


Our Out of Town membership provides an opportunity for those who relocate to continue to stay affiliated with Beacon Hall and enjoy the course and the many friendships made over the years.

  • Previous association with club
  • Principal residence must be 200km from club
  • 10 rounds per season
  • Only for residents of Beacon Hall
  • No entry fee.
  • Full use of the Clubhouse, Dining Rooms, Locker Rooms and Pool
  • 1 round per month (accompanied guest fee applies)

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