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As many of you have heard, there is a global initiative bringing all the various the handicapping authorities and systems together in 2020 to create one unified system: The World Handicap System for golf. There are several changes coming to the system we have used, and we will be updating you shortly on all major changes over the coming months. One major change we would like to address is the change in ESC (Equitable Stroke Control: the downward adjustment of individual hole scores, in order to make handicaps more representative of an player’s ability), this will now be termed Maximum Hole Score, and the new method to be used commencing January 1, 2020 is called Net Double Bogey.    
Net Double Bogey, is a score equal to the par of a hole plus two strokes and adjusted for any handicap strokes to be applied on that hole. A net double bogey is a player’s maximum individual hole score for handicap.

It is the responsibility of our club and Committee, Golf Ontario and Golf Canada to educate our membership on this new method and ensure scores are properly adjusted for handicap purposes to maintain accurate handicaps. One way to ensure scores are properly adjusted for our new procedure: Maximum Hole Score/Net Double Bogey is to require score posting be HBH (Hole By Hole) in the Golf Canada Score Centre. The benefits to this would be that you would just post your unadjusted hole by hole score into the system, and the Golf Canada Score Centre will automatically adjust for Net Double Bogey and Handicap purposes. This will assist us as a club to full compliance to the new method, in addition to our educational efforts on what Net Double Bogey is, while at the same time provides 100% accuracy for all scores posted this way by our members.
Golf Ontario is recommending to clubs and golfers to post HBH with the incoming Net Double Bogey procedure and WHS. Our Golf Association conducted several WHS Training seminars recently, over 200 individuals attended representing over 120 clubs. A short survey was conducted after presenting Net Double Bogey at those seminars and over half the clubs agreed they would be implementing the HBH score entry method for their club because of the challenge of education to their membership and the benefits of accuracy and compliance. The ask of each member when posting is simply hitting an extra 16 to 17 keystrokes to post their score (we do not believe this is onerous). On average it takes about 30 seconds to post scores using the HBH method, and the benefits we now all know.  This is another means to ensure equity in our club events, but also for our members playing in events outside the club, weather that be locally, nationally or now worldwide.
We will also be joining other clubs by switching to the HBH posting method in 2020, and we will be making the changes to the Score Centre to require this entry method shortly. We believe this is the right decision, one we didn’t take lightly, and we will monitor this over the Spring to ensure our club members are adjusting to the new entry method. We appreciate your participation and patience as we transition together into the World Handicap System.     
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